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● Does canon make an inkjet copier?

Yes, they are small multifunction units for the home.

● Why buy a Canon copier from other brands?

Canon has come a long way to make the brand the top in its products, it is not the cheapest copier in the market but as they say, “you get what you pay for”. Years ago, Canon came out with the mono-component toner system, basically the ultra-fine toner has its own developer or “carrier” mixed. By this method it eliminates many of the parts used on other copier brands, by just using less parts, the cost per copy is the lowest in the industry. Costing you the customer less money to maintain.

● Why do I get frequent jams in the automatic paper feeder?

Feeder, ADF, original document feeder is a machine by itself, jams are common. Not to mentioned bad originals like crumble paper, originals with staples or holes or glue together. These are scenarios that we can’t blame the feeder, let’s call it operator error. Since we all use the auto feeder and make copies of copies, all that toner and white out on the copies do come off and builds up on the rollers, glass, feed rollers etc. And basically, about every 100,000 scans or less, a feed kit must be replaced. The rubber rollers do wear out and the papers slip, and a jam occurs.

● Why do I get black lines on the copies / prints when I scan?

First lay the original on the glass and make a copy, if the line or lines are still on the copy then the trouble is in the drum unit or optical unit. One of the most common causes of Black lines are the particles, white out, toner built up on the scanner glass, this is the small glass to the side of the platen glass, it measures about one inch by 12”. When a small dot is on the glass and the original passes on top, the optics takes it like a line., use alcohol to clean the glass.

● How long doe the print heads on the Canon large format last?

The trick to any print head that uses liquid ink such as pigment, solvent, water base is just that the plotter must be use about once a week even if just for a small print, you want to keep the nozzles in the print head wet so they will not dry out and cause non-print lines on the prints. They should last about two years with normal work but the more you use it the longer it last, don’t let it seat and dry out.

● What is the print resolution on a print head of a Canon large format plotter?

The maximum print resolution is 2400 x 1200 DPI (dots per inch)

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