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Q & A

● What are the main components on a Canon color copier?

4 drum units (cyan, yellow, magenta, black), transfer belt, fuser unit, imaging units (starter), transfer roller, toners, 4 laser (one for each color)

● What are main components in a Canon black & white copier?

Drum unit, toner, developing unit, transfer roller, fuser unit

● How long does a Canon black & white drum unit last?

Depends on the copier speed, the small low speed can last about 30,000 prints, a medium volume copier can last from 50,000 to 60,000 prints, copiers that print 45 to 55 cpm can have a yield of 100,000 to 150,000 prints. A Canon production copier, the drum can last up to 6 million prints.

● What is the reason to get marks, lines, a shadow background on a Canon copier?

Usually, the main cause is that the drum is reaching is life cycle. Most drum units have a cleaning blade that wipes the drum as it turns and cleans off any excessive toner from the drum, the toner is carried out from the drum unit to a waste toner container. When the cleaning blade gets old from age or usage of the drum turning against it, the rubber part stops cleaning the drum and any toner left on the drum transfers back to the copy paper and you get a dirty copy.

● What is the different between Canon original toner versus alternative toner?

Not all alternative or generic toners are the same quality, Japanese toners have a high-quality control, other Asian manufactures vary in quality control, then you get variations in color tones, background in the prints, and toner flying inside the equipment, dirtying the machine.

● In a Canon color copier, does any of the four colors manage the print quality?

Yes, the black toner is the main color that adjust the rest of the colors and the print., it is recommended to use the black toner as Original (OEM).

● Is Canon toner hazardous to the touch of skin?

No, like any other chemical, it is not for human consumption., but it will not harm the skin and washes easily with soap and water.

● Is it bad to breath Canon toner?

Toner is non-toxic, for example if a bottle or toner cartridge bursts and toner is airborne, it is not recommended to intake the fine powder into your lungs such as any other volatile substance.

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