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● Why are the copies on my Canon copier light?

Several reason, the drum unit is at its limit and must be replace, the laser unit are dirty and need cleaning, a bad transfer roller or not making good contact, must be replace or clean and/or the copier needs a gradation adjustment.

● Are all the black & white Canon toners the same?

Yes and no. The components that make the toner are mostly similar when we speak of copier models from 25 to 45 prints per minute, above that speed the components are similar but not the same, a faster copier needs the toner to be able to fuse quicker than a slower copier.

● In a color Canon copier, what is the purpose of the starter or developer?

The purpose is to transfer the toner particles from the toner hopper to the surface of the drum, some brands even call the developer “carrier”. Developer are fine metal particles that cling to the magnet roller in the developer unit. As the magnet roller turns, the toner mixes with developer and is pushed against the drum.

● Does Canon toner and ink wash off easily?

No, the inks are harder to remove from the skin, it will not harm humans. Toners are easily wash off with water and soap.

● What do the Canon large format plotters use for printing?

These large printers are mainly for architects and engineering companies which need to print plans over 18” wide and up to 36” wide, a regular plain paper roll is used, and pigment ink are used for water resistant prints.

● Why do small Canon copiers use ink cartridges?

That type of machines is for the average home use, student or for limited printing. The size of the equipment is very small so the ink cartridges must be small, and they have a limited amount of ink, some places refill the ink cartridges, each color might last an average of up to 200-350 pages for a 6% coverage.

● What is the difference between ink and toner cartridges?

Simply price and size. The ink cartridges are small for small copiers / printers and last very little and cost an average of $30 to $69 to print less than 1000 pages. Toner cartridges is powder and even on small color copiers can last at least for 7,900 prints @ 6% coverage and cost an average of $72.

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