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RISO ME 9450

Two color


The RISO ME9450 features an adjustable five-speed function for printing between 60 and 120 pages per minute. It also has a high-speed mode that prints at a maximum speed of 150 pages per minute, saving time and increasing your office's productivity and efficiency. The RISO ME9450 lets you use a wide range of paper types, giving you the perfect option for your job every time. Advertising fliers and leaflets, announcements, newsletters, tickets, business applications such as letterheads, reports and business cards, lesson materials, invitations, coupons; the list just goes on and on. If you can print it, it's sure to look better with a second color.

$ 9.495

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Master-making/printing methods

High-speed digital master-making/full automatic stencil printing

Original Type

Book (22 lb (10 kg) or less), sheet


Scanning resolution: 600 dpi × 600 dpi - Printing image resolution: 600 dpi × 600 dpi

Original Size (min./max.)

When using the Glass Platen: 131/32'' × 317/32'' (50 mm × 90 mm) - 127/32'' × 17'' (310 mm × 432 mm) - When using the Auto Document Feeder AF-VI:II (option): 315/16'' × 513/16'' (100 mm × 148 mm) - 127/32'' × 17'' (310 mm × 432 mm) - When using the Auto Document Feeder DX-1 (option): 41/8'' × 51/32'' (105 mm × 128 mm) - 1111/16'' × 17'' (297 mm × 432 mm)

Original Paper Weight

When using the Auto Document Feeder AF-VI:II (option): 13-lb bond (50 gsm) - 34-lb bond (128 gsm) - When using the Auto Document Feeder DX-1 (option): Single-sided feeding: 11-lb bond (40 gsm) - 34-lb bond (128 gsm) - Duplex-sided feeding: 14-lb bond (52 gsm) - 28-lb bond (105 gsm)

Printing Paper Size (min)

Dual-Color Print 75/32'' × 101/8'' (182 mm × 257 mm) – Mono-Color Print (with Print Cylinder 1) 315/16'' × 513/16'' (100 mm × 148 mm) – Mono-Color Print (with Print Cylinder 2) 75/32'' × 101/8'' (182 mm × 257 mm)

Printing Paper Size (min)

1219/32'' × 17'' (320 mm × 432 mm)

Paper Supply Capacity

Approx. 1000 sheets (21-lb bond (80 gsm) /Maximum Height 411/32'' (110 mm)

Printing Paper Weight

12-lb bond (46 gsm) - 110-lb index (210 gsm)

Image Processing Mode

Line, Photo (Standard/Portrait/Group), Duo (Line/Photo/Shadow off), Pencil (Darker/Lighter)

Master-making Time (for A4/short edge)

Approx. 57 seconds (for Dual-Color print)

Printing Area (max.)

A3/Ledger Cylinder: 11-15/32'' × 16-23/32'' (291 mm × 425 mm) - A4/Letter-R Cylinder: 11-15/32'' × 8'' (291 mm × 203 mm)

Print Reproduction Ratio

Zoom: 50 - 200%

Print Speed

60 - 120 sheets per minute (Control panel: five steps variable) 150 sheets per minute (Touch panel: ''High Speed'')

Print Position Adjustment

Vertical: ±19/32'' (±15 mm) Horizontal: ±25/64'' (±10 mm)

Ink Supply

Fully automatic (1000 ml per cartridge)

Master Supply/Disposal

Fully automatic Approx. 215 sheets per roll with A3/Ledger Cylinder Approx. 373 sheets per roll with A4/Letter-R Cylinder

Master Disposal Capacity

80 sheets each

User Interface

LCD Touch Panel with Progress Arrow indicators

Optional Accessories

Auto Document Feeder AF-VI:II, Auto Document Feeder DX-1, Color Cylinder, Key Card Counter, Job Separator, RISO Network Card, Document Storage Card DM-128CF/DM-512CF, RISO Controller IS300, RISO Stand D type (II), RISO Stand N type (II), Wide Stacking Tray. - Cover Kit: Paper Feed/Ejection, Card Feed Kit, Envelope Feed Kit, RISO Printer Driver for Macintosh

Operating Noise

Max. 66 dB(A) (when printing 100 sheets per minute)

Power Source

AC 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz <7.3-3.0 A>

Power Consumption (without accessories)

Max. 600 W (100 V) / 580 W (220 V)


Print Mode (Dual-color/Mono-color), Auto Document Feeder (optional), Direct Print, Scanning Contrast (Manual/Auto), Paper Size detection, Auto-Process, Dot Process (4 types), Contrast Adjustment, Tone Curve, Ink Saving, Multi-Up Print (2 up/Single-Original/Multiple-Original / Multi-Up Tickets), Layout, Book Shadow, Top Margin, Binding Margin, Max. Scan, Easy 2Color, Preview, OneSide MasterMake, Print Speed Adjustment,Print Density Adjustment, Print Position Adjustment, 1=2 Alignment, Proof, Double Feed Check, Interval Printing, Jump Wing Control, Special Paper Control, User Management, Programmed Printing (3 types), Job Memory, Confidential mode, Reservation, Idling, Renew Page, Output Reversal, ADF Semi-Auto (with optional ADF unit installed), Scanning Side (with optional ADF DX-1), Rotate, ID Counter Report, My Direct Access, Admin. Mode, Auto 90° Rotation, SW. Color, Energy Saving Mode (Auto Sleep. Auto Power-OFF), Editor, Direct Access Entry, Selections Entry, Custom Paper Entry, Protect, Scan Mode (with optional memory card or USB Flash Drive), Storage memory (with optional memory card), USB Job List (with USB Flash Drive), Overlay (with optional memory card or USB Flash Drive), Stamp, Management of Consumables, RISO i Quality System

Dimensions (W x D x H)

When in use: 6331/32'' × 2815/16'' × 291/8'' (1,625 mm × 735 mm × 740 mm) - When in storage: 399/16'' × 2815/16'' × 291/8'' (1,005 mm × 735 mm × 740 mm)

Required Space (W x D x H)

1 6717/32'' x 523/8'' x 617/32'' (1,715 mm x 1,330 mm x 1,555 mm)


Approx. 375 lb (170 kg)

Safety Standard

IEC-60950-1 compliant, Indoor, pollution degree 2*3, At altitudes of 6,500 feet or lower



$ 9.495


600 x 600



Two color

Max Print Size




Dowloand brochure


NO deposit / NO first or last month / approvals within 24 hours

24 months

36 months

48 months

Plus applicable tax

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Prices may change according to the equipment and availability.

Shipping, crating, palletize, supplies, local delivery & connectivity, are not included in the price.

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Federal Blue



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Fluorenscente pink

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