Riso MZ790


RISO printers are known worldwide for their high speed and high quality, and the MZ790 is no exception. At every step, from scanning the original through master making through final output, the MZ790 gets the job done fast. A maximum print speed of 150 ppm gets you to the end of even the longest print job in an astonishingly short time, taking less than 7 minutes to print 1,000 pages.

Versatile printing

Offering 2-color printing in a single pass, the MZ790 features the ease of use and quality output that make RISO printers the world’s favorite. Advanced technology makes color separation, master-making, and printing as easy as a pushbutton operation, and the vast array of RISO inks offers you a huge selection of colors to choose from to add extra impact to all your documents.

Fast efficient one- or two-color printing

Printing in two colors is now virtually quick and easy as printing in a single color. Thanks to the MZ790’s advanced technology, there’s no need to prepare separate originals for each color. Now you have the choice: printing in a single color or adding the immediacy of a second color – all in a single pass. It’s never been easier to produce attractive, high-quality documents and the MZ790 offers you a choice, all in a single compact machine.