Riso EZ590


  • The Riso EZ590 offers the most cost-effective way to print.
    The most versatile duplicator for your organization. The EZ590 can print on a variety of paper stocks, including heavy card stock, recycledpapers, pre-cut. newsprint, carbonless, and odd-sized mediaeasily and reliably. The EZ590 lets you create and print exciting marketingmaterials easily and inexpensively in-house. Print everything in your organization from letterhead and  envelopes, newsletters, businesscards, and forms to calendars, promotional and fundraising materials, and more in the quantities you need, when you need them.
  • Environmentaly-friendly
    The EZ590 is designed to be friendly to our environment! Like all RISO digital duplicators, the EZ590 is ENERGY STAR compliant. Withlow power consumption, eco-friendly soy ink and natural-fiber masters, plus a mercury-free LCD panel display, the EZ590 is a sound environmental choice.
  • Simplicity at work
    The EZ590 puts the power of a print shop into one, simple-to-use device. It’s as easy to use as a photocopier, with far more capabilities andbenefits.The EZ590 will reproduce documents sent from a computer, or scanned off its platen glass.
    Easy-to-use LCD panel: The EZ590 easy-to-use LCD panel allows for simple access to advanced features. It can be customized to bestsuit your printing environment.