Canon Large Format Printers

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF8400S

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF8400S

8-Color 44-inch Printer
An extremely versatile solution, the 44″ imagePROGRAF iPF8400S printer is ideal for those who need quality large format output and maximum productivity. Built for the commercial photography, signage display, reprographic and proofing markets, the iPF8400S printer delivers consistently superb results while increasing overall production. A large color spectrum is produced by the 8-Color LUCIA EX pigment ink set, which also provides scratch resistance and smooth gradations. The enhanced Multi-sensor allows for the printer to calibrate back to factory settings, and is included with this printer to help provide improved color density detection.

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF8400SE

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF8400SE

6-Color 44-inch Printer
The imagePROGRAF iPF8400SE, 44-inch large format printer is designed for vibrant poster creation in the signage, infographics display, and retail markets while maximizing productivity. The 6-Color LUCIA EX pigment ink set emphasizes the use of red ink, which allows for incredibly vibrant and eye-catching prints to be produced while providing benefits such as scratch resistance. The printer includes a color profile that’s designed specifically for poster creation to maximize use of the LUCIA EX ink system’s strengths in color reproduction, and helps to produce a wide color gamut that is in some cases comparable to what’s seen on 8-Color devices. The compact design of the iPF8400SE allows for the 44″ printer to be placed in small offices and stores where space is not a luxury. The iPF8400SE printer features an economy printing mode that reduces ink consumption by about 50% compared to standard mode to help cut down on printing costs. The printer supports ink tank sizes of 330ml and 700ml to enhance productivity, and a Sub-ink tank system keeps ink in reserve to allow tanks to be changed without interrupting a print.

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF850 MFP M40

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF850 MFP M40

  • iPF8405-color, 44-inch Printer
  • Scanner Type: Contact Image Sensor (CIS) technology
  • Scan Speed: 13 ips monochrome, 3 ips color

  • The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF850 MFP M40 44″ large format imaging system is designed to meet the speed and precision requirements for AEC, CAD, MCAD and ECAD, with outstanding ease-of-operation to handle all-purpose, office projects. The iPF850 MFP M40 provides a fast and effective system for copying, archiving and distributing maps, drawings, renderings, site and facilities management plans, design and layout proofs, posters and more.

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF9400S

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF9400S

8-Color 60-inch Printer
An extremely versatile solution, the 60″ imagePROGRAF iPF9400S printer is ideal for those who need quality large format output and maximum productivity. Built for the photography, proofing and production markets, the iPF9400S printer delivers high quality imaging while increasing overall productivity. An incredibly large color spectrum is produced by the 8-Color LUCIA EX pigment ink set, which also provides better scratch resistance and smoother gradations. The new Multi-sensor included with this printer provides improved color density detection and allows for a full calibration to be completed within 15 minutes, with the ability to use non-Canon branded media.

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Canon supplies

Canon PFI Inks

Canon PFI-101 and PFI-103

  • PFI-103BK - Pigment Black Ink Tank 130ml
  • PFI-103MBK - Pigment Matte Black Ink Tank 130ml
  • PFI-101C - Pigment Cyan Ink Tank 130ml
  • PFI-101M - Pigment Magenta Ink Tank 130ml
  • PFI-101Y - Pigment Yellow Ink Tank 130ml
  • PFI-101PC - Pigment Photo Cyan Ink Tank 130ml
  • PFI-101PM - Pigment Photo Magenta Ink Tank 130ml
  • PFI-101R - Pigment Red Ink Tank 130ml
  • PFI-101G - Pigment Green Ink Tank 130ml
  • PFI-101B - Pigment Blue Ink Tank 130ml
  • PFI-103GY - Pigment Gray Ink Tank 130ml
  • PFI-103PGY - Pigment Photo Gray Ink Tank 130ml
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Canon PFI-307 Ink

Canon PFI-307

  • Dye Matte Black Ink Tank PFI-307MBK
  • Dye Black Ink Tank PFI-307BK
  • Dye Cyan Ink Tank PFI-307C
  • Dye Magenta Ink Tank PFI-307M
  • Dye Yellow Ink Tank PFI-307
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Canon PFI-107 Ink

Canon PFI-107

  • Dye Matte Black Ink Tank PFI-107MBK
  • Dye Black Ink Tank PFI-107BK
  • Dye Cyan Ink Tank PFI-107C
  • Dye Magenta Ink Tank PFI-107M
  • Dye Yellow Ink Tank PFI-1027
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Canon PFI-102 Ink

Canon PFI-102

  • Dye Matte Black Ink Tank PFI-102MBK
  • Dye Black Ink Tank PFI-102BK
  • Dye Cyan Ink Tank PFI-102C
  • Dye Magenta Ink Tank PFI-102M
  • Dye Yellow Ink Tank PFI-102Y
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